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Lined Butterfly Valves

For Corrosive, Acidic, Food & Pharmaceutical Applications.

The PFA, FEP, PTFE, & Teflon lined Butterfly Valves have insensitive coating or lining at the internal surface of the valve body. The additionally added coating prevents the valve from exposure to caustic or corrosive chemicals.

Product Brochure

PFA & FEP Butterfly Valve


The FEP and PFA lined Butterfly Valves are designed and manufactured under API 609 category / BS – EN – 593.

Size Range

The FEP & PFA Butterfly Valves are available in 2″ to 20″ inches size range


The PFA & FEP Butterfly valves are available in multiple body materials such as Cast Iron, WCB, CF8, CF8M, and CF3M


The Cast Iron, Cast Steel, CF8, and CF8M materials are used in the making of Disc for Butterfly Valves.


The PTFE and FEP materials are used for the seat in lined Butterfly valves


160°C (For FEP), 200°C (For PFA)


Lined Butterfly Valves comes up with PN 6 pressure rating and it can be increased to PN 10 on request.

End Connection

Wafer Type End Connections and Lug type also available on request.

Inspection & Testing

API 598 / BS EN 12266 Part- I

Leakage Class

Tight Shut off

Features & Benefits

FEP, PFA & PTFE Butterfly Valves

FEP & PFA Butterfly Valve

The FEP and PFA lined Butterfly Valves followed all standard criteria according to the API. FEP Valves can bear up to 160°C operating temperature and PFA can sustain up to 200°C operating temperature

PTFE Lined Butterfly Valve

Centric Disc PTFE lined Butterfly Valves are available in a 2” to 12” inch size range. PTFE sleeve Butterfly Valves with Mirror Finish Disc are very useful for powder applications as well. PTFE coated sleeve brings all the properties of PTFE. Due to this, the PTFE lined Butterfly valves can sustain 180°C operating temperature and easily handle extremely corrosive media.

The PN 10 pressure rating of lined Butterfly Valve becomes ideal for high pressurized media like gases, High chemicals, and viscous materials and it can be increased to PN 16 but on request. All these valves are available in wafer sandwiches and also provided the lug type body on request by the valve manufacturers.

The manufacturers can be your solution partner for Lined Butterfly Valves. We also offer Teflon Lined Butterfly Valves as per the customer’s requirements. The Lined Butterfly Valves are mostly used to control acidic and corrosive applications and these are highly demanded in chemical consuming sectors. The main purpose of using thermoplastic in valve industries is, to reduce the cost, increase valve performance, and prevent corrosion of valve from corrosive and hazardous fluids with the help of unique thermoplastic properties.

PFA Lined Butterfly Valves are designed to work with aggressive media in Industries such as:

  • Chemical industry
  • High purity water
  • Food industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Sanitary industries
  • Corrosive & toxic media
  • Adhesives & acids
  • Chlorine production
  • Mining industry
  • Paint manufacturer
About Us

Aira Euro Automation Pvt Ltd is a Hub of Lined Butterfly Valves. If are you looking for a quality valve supplier then Aira Euro is a leading PTFE, PFA & FEP Lined Butterfly Valve Manufacturer, Supplier & Exporter. Contact Them Now.

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    Features & Benefits

    Atmospheric Leakage

    The benefit is resistance to permeation leading to extension of product life and operator safety because of lack of atmospheric leakage.

    Strong Sealing System

    Live loaded stem sealing system. The benefit is atmospheric sealing integrity and no manual adjustment over the life of the valve.


    ISO 5211 Actuator Mounting Pad for standardized actuator mounting

    High Temperature

    PFA, FEP & PTFE Lined is the Best for High Working Temperature

    Low Torque

    Low torque. The benefit is smaller operators taking up less space, ease of operation, and cost savings with less expensive automation packages.


    Blow-out proof shaft design for additional operator safety

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